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Is carpet stain removal best left to the professionals?

Beautiful carpets can transform the look of your home but no matter how well you look after them, sooner or later they’re likely to fall victim to a glass of red wine or a cup of coffee. If a stain isn’t tackled immediately, the chances are it will leave a permanent mark.

Carpet stain removal is surrounded by myths and old wives tales and whilst some methods do work up to a point, others can actually more damage than the original stain! With this in mind, it’s important to be cautious and before you reach for that damp cloth, you might want to consider the following:

  • Make sure you know what type of carpet you have BEFORE you start trying to remove stains from it. Some cleaning solutions contain bleach-based products which can only be used on polypropylene carpets and even then only with caution. Using bleach on other carpets will cause permanent damage.
  • Try to not to soak the carpet when you’re cleaning it. Water can actually cause stains and a damp carpet is at risk of growing mildew.
  • Never scrub a stain: you’re likely to make it worse and risk damaging the carpet’s fibres.
  • Make sure you remove all cleaning from the detergent as a residue can leave a further stain.
  • Whatever you use on your carpets, make sure you test it on an out-of-sight area first.

Professional carpet cleaning and stain removal in Leeds

Here at A1 Professional Cleaning we have decades of experience in carpet cleaning and have the expertise to clean carpets so they look as good as new. We use a range of highly effective techniques to remove stubborn stains, dirt and grime, with different solutions for different types of carpets.

Next time you spill something on your carpet, why not leave it to the professionals? Contact us to find out more about our carpet cleaning services in Leeds and surrounding areas.

professional carpet cleaning Leeds

Did you know that professional carpet cleaning could improve your health?

Did you know that professional carpet cleaning could improve your health?

It goes without saying that professional cleaning is the best way to ensure yourcarpets are thoroughly clean and looking great. But did you also know that professional carpet cleaning could also be good for your health?

There’s more to professional carpet cleaning than meets the eye and whilst regular cleaning removes pet hair, dust and stains, it could also improve your health in the following ways:

  • Dust mites: dust mites are so small they cannot be seen by the human eye. This makes them extremely difficult to detect and unfortunately they are found in all homes. Dust mites produce allergens which can lead to unpleasant allergies if they’re not removed from the home. However, hot water extraction steam cleaning will kill dust mites in carpets and rugs, eradicating them effectively and ensuring your home is a clean and healthy place to be.
  • Pollutants: pollutants come in all shapes and sizes from dust and dirt, through to flakes of skin from pets, insect allergens and chemicals. Pollutants are easily trapped inside carpet fibres and when they enter the human body, can cause health problems. Professional carpet cleaning offers a highly effective way to remove pollutants from carpets and rugs, leaving your home clean and fresh.
  • Mould: mould occurs in damp, humid homes and can lead to respiratory problems. Professional carpet cleaning removes harmful mould and bacteria, leaving carpets dry and free from mould causing moisture.
  • Eco friendly: at A1 Professional Cleaning we use a range of eco friendly cleaning solutions and products, suitable for use around babies, young children, pets and those with respiratory problems.

As you can see, there’s so much more to professional carpet cleaning than clean looking carpets and stain removal!

Contact A1 Professional Cleaning

We are a fully insured professional carpet cleaning company with a team of fully trained carpet cleaners. We invest in the latest cleaning machines and products, designed to leave carpets and upholstery deep cleaned and looking great.

Our carpet cleaning services in Leeds are also available to customers in West Yorkshire. If you would like to find out more, or to arrange for a free quote, get in touch by calling 01943 879423 or email

It’s Allergy Awareness Week 2019!

Allergy-friendly carpet cleaning services Leeds

Allergy Awareness week runs from 22 – 28 April 2019 and is held each year to raise awareness of allergies. If you or someone in your family is an allergy sufferer you’ll be all too aware of how badly it can affect your life. Many allergy suffers are susceptible to dust, house mites or the fumes used in cleaning products. With this in mind, here at A1 Professional Cleaning we offer a range of carpet cleaning services which use natural cleaning products and are designed to leave carpets thoroughly clean and free from allergy causing mites and dust.

Dry Fusion carpet cleaning in Leeds

Dry Fusion carpet cleaning is ideal for allergy sufferers as it uses highly biodegradable pH neutral products which won’t irritate the skin, eyes or nose. Scented with natural orange and vanilla extracts, Dry Fusion carpet cleaning uses Triclosan which is an antimicrobial which kills bacteria and is effective against E-Coli and MRSA. Offering the ideal way to kill bacteria without causing allergies, Dry Fusion carpet cleaning will remove stains and dirts from your carpets, leaving them looking as good as new.

At A1 Professional Cleaning we have been using the Dry Fusion carpet cleaning system since the late 1980s and since that time we’ve seen major improvements in the performance of the products and equipment used. We take great pride in offering a premium professional carpet cleaning service at an affordable price, helping you ensure your home looks thoroughly clean and fresh.

Contact A1 Professional Cleaning to find out more

Our services are available throughout Leeds and surrounding areas and if you would like to find out more about our allergy safe carpet cleaning services, please get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote.

extraction carpet cleaning Leeds

Extraction cleaning: powerful carpet cleaning at a cost-effective price

Professional carpet cleaning in Leeds

We’ve been using the extraction cleaning method since the 1980s and since that time we’ve seen huge improvements in both machine performance and the cleaning products we use. We now use the very latest extraction cleaning equipment to achieve outstanding results, offering our clients a highly effective solution at an affordable price.

What is extraction carpet cleaning?

Extraction carpet cleaning involves five stages: pre-vacumming, pre-spraying, mechanical agitation, rinsing with a high powered extraction machine, followed by resetting/brushing of the carpet pile to speed up drying.

Extraction cleaning is ideal for all types of carpets, rugs and upholstery and offers an effective way to deal with heavily soiled floors. Designed to remove stubborn stains caused by chewing gum, red wine, tea, coffee, nail varnish and more, extraction carpet cleaning leaves carpets thoroughly clean and fresh.

For your peace of mind and consideration for the environment, our emphasis is upon using cleaning products which are bio-degradable. In addtion, many are free from detergents and phosphates, ensuring they are safe for use around young children, pets and allergy sufferers.

Get in touch

Our carpet cleaning services will thoroughly clean your carpets, leaving them hygienically clean and looking great. To find out more or to obtain a free, no-obligation quote, please get in touch by calling 01943 879423 or email

dry fusion carpet cleaning Leeds

Dry Fusion: the carpet cleaning system designed for the 21st century

Dry Fusion carpet cleaning in Leeds

Dry Fusion carpet cleaning is the most innovative carpet cleaning process available today. Dry Fusion provides outstanding results and is the only carpet cleaning system to leave carpets dry enough to walk on just 30 minutes after cleaning. Here at A1 Professional Cleaning we are licensed Dry Fusion Engineers, offering highly effective professional carpet cleaning services in Leeds.

What is Dry Fusion carpet cleaning?

Here’s some information on Dry Fusion carpet cleaning and why it works:

  • Dry Fusion is a patented cleaning system and the only one available which hot cleans, deodorises, protects from stains and heat dries all in one process.
  • The Dry Fusion system only uses pH neutral cleaning products which will not damage the dyes in your carpets.
  • Activator is the most popular Dry Fusion product we use. It has an attractive fragrance and adds a Dupont resin stain blocker whilst it cleans.
  • Bactoshield is used to add the stain blocker and an antimicrobial solution (Triclosan) which will kill bacteria and is proven to be effective against E-Coli and MRSA.
  • Because Dry Fusion is the only carpet cleaning system which is designed to provide drying and cleaning at the same time, it is ideal for commercial carpets.
  • Pure Fusion is a Dry Fusion cleaning product which blocks stains and adds an anti-static finish, making ideal for computer suites where there is often a build up of static electricity.
  • Dry Fusion can be used to clean carpets and upholstery. We use Cristal Fusion for upholstery cleaning: this new products is fast dry and will leave your furniture clean and protected from stains.

Contact Simon at A1 Professional Cleaning

A1 Professional Cleaning is an established cleaning company, founded by Simon Perry who has been working in the carpet cleaning sector since 1987. Simon uses two carpet cleaning techniques: Dry Fusion and Hot Water Extraction.

To arrange for a free, no-obligation quote or to find out which system is best for your type of carpet, get in touch with Simon by calling 01943 879423 or email


carpet cleaning Leeds

Spring cleaning? Don’t forget to clean your carpets!

Transform your home with our professional carpet cleaning services in Leeds

A thorough spring clean is a great way to wash away the cobwebs and ensure your home is sparkling clean and fresh. Spring cleaning usually means cleaning your home from top to bottom and once you’ve tackled everything from the kitchen and bathroom, through to the windows and paintwork, the chances are that you can’t face cleaning the carpets! However, dirty and stained carpets can really spoil the look of your home and although a vacuum will remove surface dust, there’s no substitute for regular, professional carpet cleaning.

The benefits of professional carpet cleaning

  1. As we’ve already mentioned, your vacuum cleaner will remove surface dust but it can’t reach dust which has settled inside the long, twisted fibres. Here at A1 Professional Cleaning we use specially designed, heavy-duty equipment which is powerful enough to extract all the dust from your carpets, leaving them deeply clean and not just surface clean.
  2. Cleaning is time consuming enough without having to spend time trying to remove ground in dirt and grime from your carpets! We are professionals in carpet cleaning and will use our expertise and specialist equipment to clean your carpets quickly and with the minimum of fuss, freeing up your time to get on with something more exciting!
  3. Not only does professional carpet cleaning offer outstanding results, it also provides a great way to restore your carpets without the expense of buying new ones. We can return your carpets to good-as-new condition even if they’re absolutely filthy, removing many year’s worth of dirt, grime and stains.
  4. Last and by no means least, carpets are expensive and so it makes sense to look after yours. Regular, professional carpet cleaning will help to extend the life of your carpets, ensuring they look clean and fresh for many years to come.

Contact A1 Professional Cleaning today

Now is the perfect time to tackle those dirty, stained carpets so why not contact us and transform the look of your home? We offer a wide range of carpet cleaning services which are available throughout Leeds and surrounding areas. To find out more or to arrange for a free, no-obligation quote, please call 01943 879423 or email

Enhance the beauty of your floors with our natural stone floor cleaning services

Natural stone floor cleaning Leeds

Stone floors are an unbeatable choice for your home, providing a naturally beautiful floor covering that’s tough enough to withstand pretty much anything. However, if your stone floor is going to retain its natural good looks, it’s important to ensure that it receives regular professional cleaning.

We have the expertise to clean the majority of natural stone floors including Yorkshire stone, slate, limestone, sandstone and marble. Although stone is tough, it’s important to bear in mind that because it’s a natural material, the use of harsh cleaning products should be avoided at all costs. Bleach, degreasers or vinegar, for example, can cause damage to the delicate materials which form the floor surface and this is why we only use specially developed products such as the Stonecare cleaning range.

To clean natural stone floors we use our hard floor cleaning machine which has been specially designed for use on natural flooring. We will then apply a stone sealing treatment or stain resistant solution which will impregnate the stone’s surface, protecting it from stains and dirt. Once the cleaning process is complete, your stone floor will look thoroughly clean and fully restored.

Professional cleaning services available in Leeds and surrounding areas

We are a professional cleaning company with decades of experience in cleaning natural stone floors, carpets and upholstery.

To find out more or to arrange free, no-obligation quote, please get in touch by calling 01943 879423 or email