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Professional carpet cleaning is essential for creating and maintaining clean and healthy home or office environment. Carpeting traps all sorts of airborne particles like dust, organic compounds, chemicals and hard substances. These are not only hazardous, able to trigger allergies, but they also destroy carpet fibres and could be harmful and dangerous for your health.

Regular carpet cleaning will not only refresh your home or office, but it will also extend the life of your carpets. With proper carpet maintenance, a quality carpet can last for as long as 20 years and even more.

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  • Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning

    dry fusion carpet cleaning Leeds

    The effective carpet cleaning system for the 21st century. Clean and dry in just 30 minutes after cleaning!

  • Extraction Carpet Cleaning

    A comprehensive range of extraction carpet cleaning services to suit various carpet and fabric types.

  • Natural Stone Cleaning

    Caring for your stone floors including slate, Yorkshire stone, marble, travertine, ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Carpet Cleaners Silsden

It sounds stupid to say but we take carpets for granted. How many everyday household items could you walk up and down on and occasionally spill things over on a daily basis without them suffering? Carpets these days are made to be tough, and we demand that they be so. But, in making them so tough they can also end up harder to clean properly.

Of course the everyday matter of making a carpet presentable is actually easier with modern carpets, the short tight fibres are very easy to run a vacuum over, and shampooing or some off the shelf stain remover will take care of any major issues. But, although all this will make a carpet look clean, there is a big difference between looking clean and actually being clean.

The same short tight fibres that make a carpet easy to vacuum and immensely hard wearing also make it easier for dirt and other airborne particles to get trapped and ground in deep, it also creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Ordinary cleaning is at a loss to deal with this sort of thing.

To really fully clean carpets, A1 Professional Cleaning use a cleaning process called Dry Fusion, which gives a carpet the most thorough cleaning it can get. Using the best of the more traditional Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning process and combining it with elements of dry cleaning, then heating the carpet fibres constantly during cleaning, Dry Fusion produces incredible results. Unlike many carpet cleaners, Dry Fusion avoids the use of high pH sprays, which necessitate the use of acid afterwards to neutralise the pH, a process which can cause damage to the carpet itself, Dry Fusion obtains the same cleaning results at a neutral pH. It is partly because of the this superior cleaning that, when looking for carpet cleaners Silsden businesses turn to A1 Professional Cleaning.

One reason that, when looking for carpet cleaners Silsden businesses hire A1 Professional Cleaning, is that they are licensed to use the Dry Fusion cleaning process (such licensed individuals are called ‘Fusioneers’). This process hot cleans, deodorises and stain protects carpets using a combination of the best aspects of dry cleaning and Hot Water Extraction, but heats the carpet constantly while cleaning and dries within thirty minutes. Dry Fusion also does not use pH extremes to clean, thus avoiding damage to carpet fibres during cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Silsden

But cleaning a carpet is only half the story. No business wants to employ a professional deep cleaning service on a weekly basis, it would be expensive and disruptive to an office environment. Dry Fusion, as well as providing a superior clean, also guarantees that carpets will remain clean for a long while. A fluorocarbon resin is applied during the cleaning process which prevents dirt and dust from being ground in and also stops accidental spillages from becoming permanent stains. Effectively it makes your carpet non-stick. An antimicrobial finish is also part of the process, preventing the growth of mould, fungi and bacteria which can turn an un-cleaned carpet from unsightly into an actual health hazard. Finally, A1 Professional Cleaning apply an anti-static finish which is of especial use in computer suites, preventing the build up of static electricity.

Because A1 Professional Cleaning pride themselves on offering an individual service, they have more than one cleaning system and also use the Hot Water Extraction process. An older system, but one in which the technology has moved with the times and which still gives excellent results.

In their equipment, professionalism and track record A1 Professional Cleaning have earned their place at the top of their industry. They fully deserve their perceived position as one of the best carpet cleaners Silsden has to offer, and whether you are looking at carpet cleaning on a small domestic or large commercial level they offer a service that will guarantee your carpet is not just superficially clean, but is genuinely clean, and will remain so for some time.

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Fantastic post-tenant carpet cleaning from Simon at A1 Professional Cleaning – extremely pleased with the results and would thoroughly recommend to anyone wanting their carpets cleaned


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