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Did you know that professional carpet cleaning could improve your health?

Did you know that professional carpet cleaning could improve your health?

It goes without saying that professional cleaning is the best way to ensure yourcarpets are thoroughly clean and looking great. But did you also know that professional carpet cleaning could also be good for your health?

There’s more to professional carpet cleaning than meets the eye and whilst regular cleaning removes pet hair, dust and stains, it could also improve your health in the following ways:

  • Dust mites: dust mites are so small they cannot be seen by the human eye. This makes them extremely difficult to detect and unfortunately they are found in all homes. Dust mites produce allergens which can lead to unpleasant allergies if they’re not removed from the home. However, hot water extraction steam cleaning will kill dust mites in carpets and rugs, eradicating them effectively and ensuring your home is a clean and healthy place to be.
  • Pollutants: pollutants come in all shapes and sizes from dust and dirt, through to flakes of skin from pets, insect allergens and chemicals. Pollutants are easily trapped inside carpet fibres and when they enter the human body, can cause health problems. Professional carpet cleaning offers a highly effective way to remove pollutants from carpets and rugs, leaving your home clean and fresh.
  • Mould: mould occurs in damp, humid homes and can lead to respiratory problems. Professional carpet cleaning removes harmful mould and bacteria, leaving carpets dry and free from mould causing moisture.
  • Eco friendly: at A1 Professional Cleaning we use a range of eco friendly cleaning solutions and products, suitable for use around babies, young children, pets and those with respiratory problems.

As you can see, there’s so much more to professional carpet cleaning than clean looking carpets and stain removal!

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