Enhance the beauty of your floors with our natural stone floor cleaning services

Natural stone floor cleaning Leeds

Stone floors are an unbeatable choice for your home, providing a naturally beautiful floor covering that’s tough enough to withstand pretty much anything. However, if your stone floor is going to retain its natural good looks, it’s important to ensure that it receives regular professional cleaning.

We have the expertise to clean the majority of natural stone floors including Yorkshire stone, slate, limestone, sandstone and marble. Although stone is tough, it’s important to bear in mind that because it’s a natural material, the use of harsh cleaning products should be avoided at all costs. Bleach, degreasers or vinegar, for example, can cause damage to the delicate materials which form the floor surface and this is why we only use specially developed products such as the Stonecare cleaning range.

To clean natural stone floors we use our hard floor cleaning machine which has been specially designed for use on natural flooring. We will then apply a stone sealing treatment or stain resistant solution which will impregnate the stone’s surface, protecting it from stains and dirt. Once the cleaning process is complete, your stone floor will look thoroughly clean and fully restored.

Professional cleaning services available in Leeds and surrounding areas

We are a professional cleaning company with decades of experience in cleaning natural stone floors, carpets and upholstery.

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