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Extraction cleaning: powerful carpet cleaning at a cost-effective price

Professional carpet cleaning in Leeds

We’ve been using the extraction cleaning method since the 1980s and since that time we’ve seen huge improvements in both machine performance and the cleaning products we use. We now use the very latest extraction cleaning equipment to achieve outstanding results, offering our clients a highly effective solution at an affordable price.

What is extraction carpet cleaning?

Extraction carpet cleaning involves five stages: pre-vacumming, pre-spraying, mechanical agitation, rinsing with a high powered extraction machine, followed by resetting/brushing of the carpet pile to speed up drying.

Extraction cleaning is ideal for all types of carpets, rugs and upholstery and offers an effective way to deal with heavily soiled floors. Designed to remove stubborn stains caused by chewing gum, red wine, tea, coffee, nail varnish and more, extraction carpet cleaning leaves carpets thoroughly clean and fresh.

For your peace of mind and consideration for the environment, our emphasis is upon using cleaning products which are bio-degradable. In addtion, many are free from detergents and phosphates, ensuring they are safe for use around young children, pets and allergy sufferers.

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