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Get your home ready for Christmas with our carpet cleaning services in Leeds

Professional carpet cleaning services from the carpet cleaning experts in Leeds

We hate to remind you but in case you hadn’t realised, Christmas is coming and fast! The festive season is a time when we like to have our homes looking as clean, fresh and tidy as possible – especially if friends and family with be visiting. If your carpets are looking a little past their best, now is the ideal opportunity to ensure the look great in time for the Christmas holidays.

There really is no substitute for professional carpet cleaning as unlike vacuuming, it’s the only way to remove deep down dirt, grime, bacteria and harmful allergens. Here at A1 Professional Carpet Cleaning we use a range of highly effective carpet cleaning systems, designed to tackle stains and dirt. Dry Fusion is incredibly popular with our clients as it leaves carpets dry enough to walk on in just 30 minutes, whilst extraction cleaning uses powerful cleaning solutions which are safe for the environment and allergy sufferers.

The most suitable carpet cleaning will depend on the type of carpet and how quickly you need to be able to walk on it! We’ll advise you on the best solution for you and because we work with residential and business customers, our efficient team will ensure your carpets look great with the minimum of disruption to you.

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