post build carpet cleaning services Leeds

Post-build carpet cleaning services in Leeds

Refresh your home with our professional carpet cleaning services

Having builders in can be a messy business and whether you’re undergoing a major building project or are doing a little decorating, it can all take its toll upon your carpets. Dust, dirt and grime will easily work their way into your carpets, no matter how well you protect them, leaving them stained and smelly. However, professional carpet cleaning offers a great way to deep clean carpets to ensure they look as good as new and smell great.

The power of professional carpet cleaning

Unlike the hoover you use at home, our professional carpet cleaning equipment is powerful enough to remove bacteria, allergens, dust compounds and chemicals from your carpets. Regular professional carpet cleaning is essential even if you haven’t had any building work done as it provides the best way to refresh and extend the life of your carpets. However, deep cleaning is particularly important after building work and we use a range of techniques, designed to remove the dust that’s generated.

Dry Fusion carpet cleaning is a modern cleaning system which will clean your carpets thoroughly whilst leaving them dry enough to walk in as little as 30 minutes. Dry Fusion is unique as it is the only carpet cleaning system which hot cleans, deodorises, stain protects and dries in one process, leaving your carpets deep down clean and free from bacteria.

We’ve been operating the extraction carpet cleaning system since the mid-1980’s and over the years have seen significant improvements in machine performance. We now use the very latest in high powered equipment combined with biodegradable cleaning products to deliver outstanding results. With options to suit all types of carpet, extraction carpet cleaning is a tried and test method which is highly effective at moving stubborn stains and dirt.

Depending on the type and age of your carpets, we’ll advise you on the most appropriate cleaning method.

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Once building work or home improvements are complete, you’ll want your home too look sparkling clean and fresh. Our professional carpet cleaning services provide a cost effective way to return your carpets to their former glory, leaving them thoroughly clean and smelling great. Don’t forget that we also offer an upholstery cleaning service, designed to transform and deep clean sofas, armchairs and more.

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