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Professional carpet cleaning is essential for creating and maintaining clean and healthy home or office environment. Carpeting traps all sorts of airborne particles like dust, organic compounds, chemicals and hard substances. These are not only hazardous, able to trigger allergies, but they also destroy carpet fibres and could be harmful and dangerous for your health.

Regular carpet cleaning will not only refresh your home or office, but it will also extend the life of your carpets. With proper carpet maintenance, a quality carpet can last for as long as 20 years and even more.

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  • Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning

    dry fusion carpet cleaning Leeds

    The effective carpet cleaning system for the 21st century. Clean and dry in just 30 minutes after cleaning!

  • Extraction Carpet Cleaning

    A comprehensive range of extraction carpet cleaning services to suit various carpet and fabric types.

  • Natural Stone Cleaning

    Caring for your stone floors including slate, Yorkshire stone, marble, travertine, ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Slate floor cleaning Leeds

In use for centuries and long appreciated for its toughness and hardwearing qualities, slate not only makes stunning flooring, when correctly cleaned and taken care of it’ll withstand the test of time.

Slate is unquestionably beautiful but to preserve its natural appearance, it has to be regularly cleaned by a professional floor cleaning specialist to ensure that it keeps its good looks and is resistant to staining and spills. If you have a slate floor and are looking for a professional, reputable slate floor cleaning service, at A1 Professional Cleaning we offer our expert services across Leeds.

It’s vital that you ensure that your slate floor is kept clean as letting dirt, stains and bacteria accumulate can sooner or later result in the need for specialist invasive procedures such as resurfacing or grinding.

At A1 Professional Cleaning, we advise our customers to dry-mop or sweep their slate floors each day if possible, as this is the best way to keep dust and debris in check. You may use a hoover on slate floors, however it is crucial that you only use a soft brush attachment, whilst being careful not to bang the vacuum onto the floor as this could cause scratches or chipping.

It’s fine to wet mop a natural slate floor but chemical cleaners and bleach should not be used. A once a week mop will be ample for most slate floors but make sure that the mop has been thoroughly squeezed out so it’s not too wet. Just like any natural product, it’s essential to avoid the use of harsh cleaning products if you are to avoid damaging a slate floor.

A1 Professional Cleaning – Slate floor cleaning experts in Leeds

At A1 Professional Cleaning, our recommendation is that natural slate floors really benefit a professional clean at least once every year. We offer our expert slate floor cleaning services to clients across Leeds. We will clean your slate floor so that it looks like new and is protected against stains and damage. Grouting can also trap grime and dirt, however we’ll pay attention to all areas of your slate floor so that your whole floor looks fresh and deeply clean.

Cleaning a slate for can leave the natural floor surface ‘exposed’ and that is why the floor must be re-sealed to prevent staining and a build-up of dirt on the surface. When a slate floor has been re-sealed, the newly-sealed floor surface will offer extra peace of mind that the floor has been protected from staining from food and fluids. As professionals in slate floor cleaning in Leeds, at A1 Professional Cleaning our cleaning process will leave your slate floor looking wonderful and guarded from staining.

After the cleaning and re-sealing processes are complete, we can then polish your floor so that its natural beauty is further enhanced. Why not contact us for further details of our services for slate floor cleaning in Leeds? We’re specialists in floor cleaning and our professional team can thoroughly clean your floor, leaving it looking wonderful and protected from dirt and stains.

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