dry fusion carpet cleaning Leeds

There’s no substitute for professional carpet cleaning!

Every once in a while there really is no substitute for professional carpet cleaning. Unlike regular vacuuming which only removes surface dust and debris, professional carpet cleaning extracts bacteria and grime from the base of the carpet, right through to the tip of each fibre. Not only does this ensure your carpets look incredibly clean, it’ll also leave them smelling great!

We use two carpet cleaning systems: Dry Fusion and Extraction. Both are incredibly effective and the best type for your carpet will depend on what sort of carpet you have and how quickly you need to be able to walk on it.

Dry Fusion carpet cleaning

Dry Fusion is a state-of-the-art carpet cleaning system which will clean your carpets incredibly thoroughly, leaving them dry enough to walk on in just 30 minutes. Dry Fusion is unique in that it hot cleans, deodorises, stain protects and heat dries in just one process. In addition, because Dry Fusion is patented, only licensed operators, such as us, are allowed to use it.

Extraction carpet cleaning

Providing premium carpet cleaning for a sensible price, the extraction technique has been tried and tested for decades. Using modern, high-powered equipment, extraction carpet cleaning delivers exceptional results and uses bio-degradable products, many of which are free from detergents and phosphates.

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