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Transforming pet stained carpets

Pet stains and odours removed with professional carpet cleaning

If you’ve got pets you’ll know only too well how difficult it can be to keep your carpets, rugs and furniture looking clean and smelling fresh! Professional carpet cleaning offers a great way to ensure your carpets look great by removing stains, odours and ground in dirt. Here’s how we can help return your carpets to their former glory!

Professional carpet cleaning to remove pet urine and odours

Whilst regular vacuum cleaning is the best way to remove pet hair from carpets, rugs and furniture, even the most powerful of vacuum cleaners can’t tackle stains and nasty smells. If you have pets, once in a while there really is no substitute for professional cleaning as this is the only way to get rid of unpleasant odours or the stains which are left when your pet has an accident. Pet urine can damage carpets, leading to a strong and very unpleasant smell; even though you clean up accidents as soon as you see them, it can be difficult to trace accidents you didn’t see happen!

Professional carpet cleaning cleans carpet fibres from root to tip, removing the urine and coating the carpet with a powerful antibacterial agent designed to kill germs and prevent odours. We use a number of different carpet cleaning techniques and the most appropriate will depend on the severity of the problem and the type of carpet.

Dry Fusion carpet cleaning

Dry Fusion carpet cleaning will clean your carpets effectively whilst leaving them dry enough to walk on in as little as 30 mins. The Dry Fusion system uses a range of different products: Activator is our most popular and coats the carpet with Dupont resin blocker as it dries, whilst Bactoshield adds a stain blocker and an antimicrobial treatment to kill bacteria.

Extraction carpet cleaning

Extraction carpet cleaning uses a five stage process which consists of pre-vacuuming, pre-spraying with an appropriate cleaning product, mechanical agitation with a brush or rotary machine for heavily soiled carpets, rinsing with a high powered extraction machine and finished with pile brushing to aid drying. Ideal for most carpet types, extraction cleaning offers a high powered way to deliver excellent results.

Transform your carpets with professional carpet cleaning in Leeds

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