What’s the best way to prevent stained carpets?

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As with so many things in life, when it comes to preventing carpet stains prevention really is better than cure! Buying good quality, new carpets can represent a real investment and with this in mind, you’ll want to ensure yours stay looking great for as long as possible. Whilst regular vacuuming and periodic professional cleaning offer important ways to look after your carpets, there are a number of things you can do to prevent day-to-day stains, marks and damage.

Here’s are our suggestions for caring for your carpets and keeping them stain-free:

  • If you’re considering buying a new carpet it’s well worth investing in one which has been treated with a stain guard product. Stain guards help to prevent spills from absorbing so quickly, enabling you to mop them up before they sink down into the pile, helping to prevent staining and further damage.
  • Regular cleaning is essential for all carpets as it’s the only way to remove surface dust and grime. Even carpets which don’t have to cope with much traffic should be vacuumed regularly and don’t forget to hoover under the furniture too!
  • When vacuuming, hoover in one direction across the room first before hoovering in the opposite direction to ensure the carpet pile is cleaned thoroughly.
  • Don’t wear shoes in the house! Wearing outdoor shoes inside is one of the biggest causes of dirty, stained carpets. Encourage family and visitors to leave their shoes by the front door and wear slippers when you’re indoors.
  • Put doormats by exterior doors so if you do have to wear shoes indoors you’ll at least have somewhere to wipe your feet!
  • Before applying stain removing treatments or products to your carpets make sure you’re using the correct product. Bleach, for example, will damage wool carpets beyond repair so exercise caution before you reach for the cleaning products!

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